Nov 6 through November 20
10 mile – $65 | 5k – $40 | Kids Dash – $10

November 21 through January 18
10 mile – $73 | 5k – $43 | Kids Dash – $20

January 19 through March 15
10 mile – $76 | 5k – $45 | Kids Dash – $20

March 16 through April 22
10 mile – $78 | 5k – $48 | Kids Dash – $20

April 23 through April 28
10 mile – $80 | 5k – $55 | Kids Dash – $20


To confirm you are registered for the Parkway Classic, follow this link.

Special Entries

Direct Military and First Responders please email events@runpacers.com to be provided a Parkway Classic entry discount as a Thank You for your service.


Team competitions will be hosted at the 2019 Parkway Classic as competitive for awards in the 10Mile and social in the 5K. Captains can create a team as the first person to register and members can use the Join a Team capability to be added to the roster.


There are a limited number of early start slots for folks requiring additional time to complete the 10Mile Parkway course. Please register early if you will want to be considered for this opportunity. 

Have a Question?

We have you covered. Head over to our FAQ section to find detailed information on all of our policies so you can be ready for race day.


To keep costs at a minimum, refunds are not currently offered. An exception is available for transferred or deployed active military personnel by emailing events@runpacers.com.


ONLINE RACE SWITCHES ARE NOW CLOSED. If you do not yet have a race bib - you can make the switch as you collect your packet. If you already DO have a bib, please email gail@runpacers.com to make the important race change.

Run distance switches can be made, however there are no refunds if switching from a more expensive to a less expensive run. Entrants can update their own distances within a race by accessing their Chronotrack profile – My Races. If that’s not successful please email events@runpacers.com to request a distance switch within an event.

For all Event Transfers, Runner Transfers and Defers be aware that race entry data will not automatically be updated. All requests need to be made by email to events @runpacers.com.  The applicable process steps will be provided and the runner(s) will receive instructions and codes for completing a new online registration form.


Excluding Parkway Classic, Wayfarer’s and the New Jersey Marathon, a registrant can transfer from one Pacers Running event to another up to two weeks in advance of the original event date for an accommodation fee as follows:
*  For a new event that is lower in value than the original paid cost, a $10 Transfer fee applies
*  For a new event that is a higher value than the original paid cost, the difference in the current race prices plus a $10 Transfer fee applies.


Transferring is a paid participant finding a second runner to take over their race spot. For reasons such as liability, safety, accurate scoring, etc., the process requires notification to and partnership with Pacers Running.
* Transfers without proper process essentially creates a ‘bandit’ which will result in a runner not being timed and both runners potentially being barred from future Pacers Running events.
* The Parkway Classic and the New Jersey Marathon can provide Runner-to-Runner transfers up to April 1 for an admin fee of $20 and any current race entry prices difference,Wayfarer’s up to May 15. 
*  Pacers Running does not assist registrants in finding transfer candidates. Any financial transactions involved in registration transfers are strictly between the immediate parties and are not the responsibility of Pacers Events LLC, Farley Enterprise (Transfer at your own risk!)
* Transfer requests must be submitted via email to events@runpacers.com by the original registrant copying in the new participant with the following information for both runners included in the email: Full name, Email address, Phone number,
* Upon receipt of request, a code will be sent by “reply all” for the new registrant to complete their own new entry. This new registration must occur within 24 hours of receiving the code and will incur the $20.00 transfer fee at time of new runner registration.


The Parkway Classic and the New Jersey Marathon can provide Defers up to April 1 and Wayfarer’s upi to May 15 for an admin fee:   Parkway Fee = $25, New Jersey Marathon Fee = $30, Wayfarer's Fee = $20. 
* Deferred registrations are non-transferable, non-refundable, and are valid for only the one calendar year following the original paid entry
* When the following year online registration opens, approved Defer entries will receive an email to the address provided in the original entry with instructions and a code for completing the new online registration form.  

Early Starts

Early starts are extremely limited due to course restrictions and are reserved exclusively for individuals who want to participate in the event and who indicated YES during registration to a slot with an anticipated pace of slower than 15 minutes.

There will be three distinct early starts at 7:00 AM, 7:15 AM, and 7:30AM. Runners who requested and met the criteria will be notified by March 1 via email whether they have been awarded an early start slot and for which time. Approved Early Start Runners will be asked to collect their Race Bibs at the Pacers Alexandria Packet Pickup Location to accommodate the special nature of the group bib assignments. (Runners who participate in an early start and who run a faster pace than 15 minutes may be held on course at different checkpoints based on our course restrictions and/or disqualified.)
Runners who are not selected for an early start group and anticipate not being able to maintain a 15 minute pace are welcome to switch to the 5k distance and we are happy to make that edit for anyone who might feel that it is their best plan for having a successful day.

Course Pace Timelines & Sag Bus

We will have a sag bus manned by a nurse following the last runner. You must maintain a 15 minute pace to not be placed on the sag bus. You will be asked to board if you fall behind our course time limits. From the gun start, runners must arrive at each mile mark by the time of day noted.  
 If you feel like you cannot complete the event for any reason, please board the sag bus.  If you board the  sag bus, you may NOT get off the sag bus and continue on the course.

 | Mile 1 | 08:30 AM |   | Mile 6 | 09:45 AM

 | Mile 2 | 08:45 AM |   | Mile 7 | 10:00 AM
 | Mile 3 | 09:00 AM |   | Mile 8 | 10:15 AM
 | Mile 4 | 09:15 AM |   | Mile 9 | 10:30 AM
 | Mile 5 | 09:30 AM |   | Finish | 10:45 AM